Professional Activities

Program Committee Member

2022: Asiacrypt, WPES
2021: Crypto
2019/2020: CFAIL‘19, and ‘20
2017: CSAW


Conferences: Asiacrypt’22, CCS’22, EuroS&P’22, Crypto’21, Eurocrypt’21, Eurocrypt’20, TCC’18, USENIX Security’18, USENIX ATC’17, Eurocrypt’17, CCS’16

Journals: Journal of Human Rights, Springer Wireless Networks, IEEE Systems, Wireless Personal Communication, Springer Medical Systems, Pervasive and Mobile Computing


Unclonable Polymers and Their Cryptographic ApplicationsSlidesExtended Slides
  NY Crypto Day - Oct 2022 (upcoming)
  CMU CyLab Crypto Seminar - Jul 2022
  Eurocrypt - Jun 2022

Cybersecurity and Society - Blockchain TechnologySlides
  The UConn Explore Engineering (E2) Program - Jun 2022

I See You Blockchain User, or Not! Privacy in the Age of BlockchainsSlides
  USENIX Enigma Conference - Feb 2022

Gage MPC: Bypassing Residual Function Leakage for NIMPCSlidesExtended Slides
  Protocol Labs Research Seminar Series - Feb 2022
  Google Cryptography Talks Series - Jul 2021
  21st Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, PETS 2021 - Jul 2021
  UConn CSE Security Seminar - Jul 2021

Rethinking Service Systems: A Path Towards Secure and Equitable Resource MarketsSlides
  Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), Security/Privacy track - Oct 2020

Micropayments: From Centralized to Blockchain-based Distributed SchemesSlides
  University of Malaga, Spain - May 2020

Building Secure Distributed Services and Resource MarketsSlides
  University of Rochester, NY - Mar 2020
  University of Florida, FL - Mar 2020
  University of Connecticut, CT - Mar 2020
  Georgetown University, DC - Feb 2020
  University of Massachusetts at Lowell, MA - Jan 2020

CAPnet: A Defense Against Cache Accounting Attacks on CDNsSlides
  IEEE CNS’19, DC - Jun 2019

CacheCash: A Cryptocurrency-based Decentralized Content Delivery NetworkSlides
  PhD dissertation defense, Columbia University, NY - May 2019

The Age of Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and SistersSlides
  University of Colorado Colorado Springs, CO - Mar 2018 and Apr 2019
  NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY - Dec 2017
  Columbia University, NY - Dec 2017

Threat Modeling for Cryptocurrency-based SystemsSlides
  NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY - Dec 2018

Resource-backed CryptocurrenciesSlides
  Association of Women in Math (AWM) Talk Series, Barnard College, NY - Nov 2018
  Emerging Scholars Program Seminar, Columbia University, NY - Dec 2017

Sensible CryptocurrenciesSlides
  PhD Candidacy Exam Talk, Columbia University, NY - Nov 2017

Cryptocurrency Era
  Fordham University, New York, NY - Jun 2017

  NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY - Dec 2015

Digital CurrenciesSlides
  Cybersecurity for STEM Teachers program, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, NY - Jul 2015