Ghada Almashaqbeh
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
University of Connecticut

Email: ghada at

I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing at UConn. I am also an affiliated member at the Connecticut Advanced Computing Center (CACC) and the Engineering for Human Rights Initiative. Before joining UConn, I spent a while exploring the entrepreneurship world. I cofounded CacheCash, a startup that came out of my PhD thesis! and I was a Cryptographer at NuCypher. Now, I am a scientific advisor at Sunscreen Tech and The Melon, a 2023 Foresight Institute fellow, and a 2023 TLDR fellow at Uniswap Foundation.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2019, where I was a member of the Cryptography Lab and the Data Science Institute. During the PhD, I was fortunate to have Allison Bishop and Tal Malkin as my advisors.

My research interests cover cryptography, computer systems security, and privacy, with a focus on blockchain-based systems and distributed cryptographic protocols. My research is supported by NSF, Protocol Labs, Uniswap Foundation, and UConn Research Excellence Award.

Recruiting: I am always looking for self-motivated and talented Postdocs and PhD students to join my group. If you are interested in working on timely and real-world problems in the fields of cryptography, privacy, and systems security, feel free to contact me!