Selected Publications

A selected list based on my current research interests. Check here for a complete publications list.

  • Anonymous, Timed and Revocable Proxy Signatures
    G. Almashaqbeh and A. Nitulescu

    Preprint version

  • AnoFel: Supporting Anonymity for Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning
    G. Almashaqbeh and Z. Ghodsi

    Preprint version

  • chainBoost: A Secure Performance Booster for Blockchain-based Resource Markets
    Z. Motaqy, M. Najd, and G. Almashaqbeh
    EuroS&P 2024

    Preprint version

  • Unclonable Cryptography: A Tale of Two No-cloning Paradigms
    G. Almashaqbeh and R. Chatterjee
    Secrypt 2023

    Preprint versionSlides

  • smartFHE: Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts from Fully Homomorphic Encryption
    R. Solomon, R. Weber, and G. Almashaqbeh
    EuroS&P 2023

    Preprint versionSlides   Coverage: zkMesh

  • Unclonable Polymers and Their Cryptographic Applications
    G. Almashaqbeh, R. Canetti, Y. Erlich, J. Gershoni. T. Malkin, I. Pe’er, A. Roitburd-Berman, and E. Tromer
    Eurocrypt 2022

    Full versionSlides

  • SoK: Privacy-Preserving Computing in the Blockchain Era
    G. Almashaqbeh and R. Solomon
    EuroS&P 2022

    Preprint versionSlides   Coverage: zkCapital, a16z Web3 Weekly

  • Gage MPC: Bypassing Residual Function Leakage for Non-Interactive MPC
    G. Almashaqbeh, F. Benhamouda, S. Han, D. Jaroslawicz, T. Malkin. A. Nicita, T. Rabin, A. Shah, and E. Tromer
    PETS 2021

    Full versionSlides   Coverage: zkCapital

  • Bet and Attack: Incentive Compatible Collaborative Attacks Using Smart Contracts
    Z. Motaqy, G. Almashaqbeh, B. Bahrak, and N. Yazdani
    GameSec 2021

    Preprint versionSlides

  • Rethinking Service Systems: A Path Towards Secure and Equitable Resource Markets
    G. Almashaqbeh
    USENIX ;login: Magazine 2021

    Preprint versionBlog Post

  • MicroCash: Practical Concurrent Processing of Micropayments
    G. Almashaqbeh, A. Bishop, and J. Cappos
    FC 2020 (Financial Cryptography and Data Security)

    Full versionSlides   Coverage: zkCapital paper of the week

  • CAPnet: A Defense Against Cache Accounting Attacks on Content Distribution Networks
    G. Almashaqbeh, K. Kelley, A. Bishop, and J. Cappos
    IEEE CNS 2019 (IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security)

    Full versionSlides

  • ABC: A Cryptocurrency-Focused Threat Modeling Framework
    G. Almashaqbeh, A. Bishop, and J. Cappos
    CryBlock 2019

    Full versionSlides

  • Implementing Support for Pointers to Private Data in a General-Purpose Secure Multi-Party Compiler
    Y. Zhang, M. Blanton, and G. Almashaqbeh
    TOPS 2017 (ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security)

    Preprint version

  • Secure Distributed Genome Analysis for GWAS and Sequence Comparison Computation
    Y. Zhang, M. Blanton, and G. Almashaqbeh
    BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2015

G. Almashaqbeh. CacheCash: A Cryptocurrency-based Decentralized Content Delivery Network, PhD thesis, Columbia University, 2019
Full version